Another Gillard cockup

An ill thought out disaster all around

Just when we were all wondering if Gillard could suggest even more destructive measures to bugger up the economy or make more half baked policy decisions on the run, we now have the live cattle export trade suspension. Like all other things Green, it is meant well, but will have the opposite effect, as well as damaging both our economy and Indonesia’s economy.

Greg Sheridan says it all:

THE total suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia is a bad mistake.

It is a typical over-reaction in which winning the short-term media cycle has once more trumped sensible policy.

It is bad animal welfare policy, shocking foreign policy, disastrous for the cattle industry in northern Australia, cruel to poor Indonesians and bad for the Australian economy.

It has been notable in this decision that no one of consequence has given the slightest regard to the implications for the critically important relationship with Indonesia.

Of course, the obvious hypocrisy is staggering also. Gillard moves at lightening speed when around 60 percent of Australians object the vile way cattle are slaughtered in Indonesia.

What about the 60 percent of Australians who object to the destructive and useless carbon dioxide tax?

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