Rudd becomes Keatingesque

Talk about undermining a leader.  Bougainville?

While there has been a detailed inspection of the chicken entrails over the Abbott/Turnbull spat, there was a very cruel but clever Keatingesque image that Kevin Rudd is reported to be muttering about Julia Gillard. Imagine the salivating press if it had been about the Coalition…

Apparently he has taken to referring to the Lodge in Canberra as Bougainville.

In the article where this comment was reported, there is a summary of some of the perception most Australians seem to have of our Prime Minister.

They don’t believe that she believes in the visions she articulates, mainly perhaps because the visions keep changing.
The assumption was that she would bring warmth and empathy. Instead, she has brought cliches and spin.
She brokered deals with minor players to win power.
She appeared to ignore the fine print of the unholy contracts. She has since assumed mandates for change that happened to coincide with the obsessions of her new friends.
Now, when Gillard isn’t pandering to Andrew Wilkie, she is simpering to Bob Brown or indulging Tony Windsor.

2 Responses to “Rudd becomes Keatingesque”

  1. Wayneofperth Says:

    I think it’s ‘boganville’ Andrew.

  2. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    Thank you for that.
    I am aware of the spelling. I just thought it funnier, and more subtle, to use the pun, given that Julia Gillard has been exploring the Bougainville solution for her endlessly evolving refugee problem.

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