ABC and the Gillard “carbon” tax

none so blind as those who will not see

If anyone doubts that the ABC is running a campaign on the carbon dioxide tax for Gillard, ask why we never hear from the outstanding Terry McCrann on the ABC.

As probably one of the most unassailable arguments against a carbon dioxide tax, surely this article trumps all arguments to the contrary. It starts with the premise that Will Steffen’s alarmism is right. So, logically, where should we go from that position? It is a sobering piece of realism that takes us in an unexpected direction.

So the “settled science” is actually telling us to prepare for a hotter world, in the absence of the global decarbonisation that exists only in the alternative reality where fairies really do play at the bottom of the garden.

Rational policy, then, would be aimed at promoting the fastest possible growth in the economy. The Prime Minister should try to open an LNG plant or a new coalmine in monthly or even fortnightly lockstep with every new coal-fired power station in China. And if that flags, with new ones in India.

But, let’s face, there is nothing rational about Gillard’s policy.

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