Mark Scott tells of ABC bias

Bias is 55% to 33% in favour of Labor 

So we now have some official figures on the perceptions of bias in the ABC, from the horse’s mouth. In today’s Senate committee hearing on bias in the ABC’s coverage of last year’s federal election, Mark Scott, Managing director of the ABC, under questioning from Senator Eric Abetz, provided the following information.

In total, the ABC received 982 formal complaints about bias in its election coverage.
Of these complaints, 55 per cent alleged anti-Coalition bias while a further 33 per cent alleged anti-Labor bias.

I have often made the claim that:
Labor voters, generally speaking, find the ABC to be fair and balanced, and that Liberal voters, generally speaking, find the ABC often unfair and often unbalanced, or at best, very lumpy. I don’t know about you, but if that observation is largely plausible, then that to me would appear to be a quod erat demonstrandum.

The above revelations by Mark Scott would tend to confirm that there is a greater perception of bias against the Coalition.

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