Britain’s new dark age

“Heathrow is to burn wood trucked in from Surrey”

The Gillard government and associated media welcomed David Cameron’s announcement that Britain was cutting its CO2 emissions by half by the year 2027 with the same alacrity and relief they showed on the deal with Malaysia to send our refugees to squalor, depredation, torture and exploitation. Just as desperate.

The inimitable Matt Ridley tells in chapter and verse in the latest Spectator, how the British Prime Minister is wilfully sending the UK back to the middle ages. It is truly terrifying.

Welcome to the neo-medieval world of Britain’s energy policy. It is a world in which Highland glens are buzzing with bulldozers damming streams for miniature hydro plants, in which the Dogger Bank is to be dotted with windmills at Brobdingnagian expense, in which Heathrow is to burn wood trucked in from Surrey, and Yorkshire wheat is being turned into motor fuel. We are going back to using the landscape to generate our energy. Bad news for the landscape…

The industrial revolution, when Britain turned to coal for its energy, not only catapulted us into prosperity (because coal proved cheaper and more reliable than wood, wind, water and horse as a means of turning machines), but saved our landscape too…

Whether we like it or not, we are now reversing this policy, only with six times the population and a hundred times the energy needs.

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