ABC Bias is now to the right

Get Up! wants to campaign against ABC “shock jocks”…

There has been a flurry of interest that Get Up! has posted a campaign idea on its blog to petition for the ABC to return to its charter.  In the logic of the petition, this can only mean that it wants it to return to its left wing bias.

Extraordinarily, the petition claims that “the National Broadcaster has become a political mouthpiece for the ultra conservatives.” This would be news for most people.

This is the full text: 

petition for ABC to return to its charter

We have been witnessing the inclusion of right-wing shock jocks and commentators as the main talking force within ABC’s news programming. There has also been a constant demonstration of ABC’s journalists adopting news items, verbatim, from the Murdoch press. Any attempt to maintain balance has been demonstrably abandoned, and when challenged, the ABC’s ‘apologists’ cite the amount of time given to each side of the political fence as a demonstration of balance, when in fact the quality of the reporting varies greatly (and example would be the 7:30 reports recent interviews with the PM and Opposition leader by Chris Uhlmann — the first was antagonistic and rude, the second was sycophantic and a virtual political advertisement). As a viewer and taxpayer, I am more than concerned that the National Broadcaster has become a political mouthpiece for the ultra conservatives.

The good news, if that be, is that this petition has only 1,227 votes and is ranked down at 21st on their list of priorities, well behind other urgent things like Reversing the govt’s decision to abolish the Australian Learning & Teaching Council, ranked 7th, and Stop the Fracking Coal Seam Gas industry, ranked 2nd and,  Tarkine wilderness heritage, ranked 10th.

Clearly Chris Uhlmann is in Get Ups! sights. This petition was drafted some weeks ago, so it certainly does not include Uhlmann’s confrontation with Bob Brown a couple of days ago. When I say confrontation, all Uhlmann was doing was correcting Brown’s fudging of the truth when he blamed the Murdock press for saying what he himself had indeed said.

CHRIS UHLMANN: Didn’t you say back in 2007 that we had to kick the coal habit?

BOB BROWN: No, I did not. You’re looking at the Murdoch press, where I said back in 2007 we should look at coal exports with a view to phasing them out down the line.

CHRIS UHLMANN: It wasn’t the Murdoch press, it was a comment piece that you wrote. So you want to phase out the coal industry?

BOB BROWN: The world is going to do that because it is causing massive economic damage down the line through the impact of climate change.

CHRIS UHLMANN: But the question-

BOB BROWN: No, let me…

CHRIS UHLMANN: The simple question is how do you replace $50 billion worth of export income?

Surely, this is simply holding Brown to account for what he actually said and for the consequences of his policies.

The debate on ABC will clearly continue. However, many on the left truly believe the ABC is being taken over by the “right wing drum beat”.

Notwithstanding Get Ups implausible alarm, I would like again to make this simple statement.which appears to me to be self evident.

I have always found that Labor voters, generally speaking, find the ABC to be fair and balanced, and that Liberal voters, generally speaking, find the ABC often unfair and often unbalanced, or at best, very lumpy. I don’t know about you, but if that observation is largely plausible, then that to me would appear to be a quod erat demonstrandum.

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