Green disillusionment

Is this the endgame?

Paul Kelly, one of Australia’s most respected media commentators — the more so for being a long time Labor supporter —  seems to have said it all today on the Greens and the environment.

The green agenda has corrupted Labor values. It has seen Labor governments embrace fiscal irresponsibility, regressive income re-distribution and treat their supporters as too dumb to understand they were being played for mugs.

Many conservative bloggers have been warning about Greens’ policies for years for just these reasons. According to Kelly, who has only lately come around to this way of thinking, it might now be too late for Labor to heed the warning.

Once Australians sense they have been conned, that past green schemes were not what they purported to be, their voting retribution can be severe. In part, this is the problem Gillard now faces.

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