Clover Moore a muesli eater?

Fancy that !

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has resigned as Chairman of the Barangaroo Design Excellence Review Panel after a letter from NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard told him to stop calling Clover Moore a “muesli chewer”.

Mr Keating said he would resign, as he refused to be muzzled.

Today, Mr Keating said Ms Moore’s opposition to the Barangaroo development jeopardised her capacity as mayor.
“She’s an inappropriate person to be lord mayor of this city,” Mr Keating told journalists in Sydney.

“She’s for low rise. She’s for sandal-wearing, muesli-chewing, bike-riding pedestrians without any idea of the metropolitan quality of the city or what Sydney would lose if Barangaroo were to fail.”

Sometimes I think Paul Keating’s judgement is spot on.

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