ABC Chaser chased from wedding

Not for mocking

Prince Charles, who I have always thought was a bit of  a nutter and a hypocrite on things green, has shown some common sense firmness with regard to the ABC Chaser. I must say I groaned when I saw a promo for the programme they planned on the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I thought it would be too easy with its predictable, puerile, and ‘transgressive’ humour. Talk about a soft target.

Apparently Clarence House got wind of the programme and Prince Charles put his foot down.

Just two days before Prince William and Kate Middleton are due to tie the knot, ABC TV has been forced to cancel The Chaser’s one-off live coverage of the event due to what it says are restrictions imposed by the royal family.
The Chaser’s Royal Wedding Commentary was due to air on ABC2 from 7:00pm AEST on Friday, offering viewers a satirical take on the royal wedding.
But now the live special – promised to be “uninformed and unconstitutional” – has been reluctantly pulled due to restrictions imposed over the Easter break.

When you think about it, who would give out their wedding photos to be mocked, belittled and sent up. It is true we don’t know what the Chaser planned, and I will be the first to say that their routines are often genuinely funny, clever or even just plain silly. But when it comes to predictable targets like Christianity, the Pope, conservative politicians, and now a royal wedding, it would be hard not to think that their humour might just be nasty and mocking.

We have already seen derision, scorn and moral superiority from the ABC on this subject. What is funny about about marriage and love?

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  1. Keith Says:

    Pleasantly surprised that it was Charles calling the shots on this. The chaser boys (and what is it with that ?) are desperately searching for targets in a world increasingly dominated by the socialism they desire. If they’re not careful they may inadvertently lampoon one of their champions one day.

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