The ABC agenda again on 774

Double standards exemplified yet again

Jon Faine, on his ABC 774 Melbourne programme this morning interviewed Bob Brown over the Green’s anti-Israel policies, and in particular about a photo of Senator Hanson-Young at an Adelaide rally in 2009 showing her surrounded by placards demanding Australia “Cut ties with apartheid Israel”.

Faine asked Brown if he thought this was acceptable and that if it just confirmed the view of many that the Greens are an extreme party. Brown blustered through the interview, explaining that in a democracy, politicians sit on all sorts of panels and podiums with people whose views they disagreed with. He even suggested that being in parliament exposed him to being associated with all sorts of people he did not agree with.

Faine of course conveniently did not think of the situations where Brown himself had been seen at rallies with compromising placards, where hypocritically, he had denied the fact.

Faine also conveniently forgot “to match” the insistent harping by his very own partner, Waleed Aly on the same programme just a couple of weeks ago, about Tony Abbott being seen in front of placards during his appearance at the Carbon Tax Rally in Canberra.

In that context, Faine also forgot about Bob Brown’s indignation in writing a false crocodile letter of tears to the PM to apologise to her for the alleged Abbott slight.

But it is far worse. Senator Hanson Young was at the anti-Israeli rally to support anti-Israeli policies, not at a rally for something else that happened to have a couple of suss placards behind her. Faine, usually “lawyer sharp” to such distinctions, forgot that also.

Indeed, some irritated listeners phoned in to complain about the soft interview. Faine replied that, oh yes, he could have brought those things up. He just didn’t think of it.

Yeah: soft on Brown, soft on Greens, and soft on Palestine. Our ABC.

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