Bolt trial continued…

“The unawareness is based on the facts which the hypothetical surrogate has.”  Ron Merkel, QC

Here is an update on the Bolt trial from Quadrant. I know that court cases often descend into definitions and nuances in meaning of words but this seems excessively obscure. I myself attended briefly this afternoon, and the slightness and casuistic ins and outs of what Andrew Bolt meant, and the offence it might or might not have caused, or how the comments read throught eyes of an average Australian was nothing but excruciating … for an average Australian. This piece by Michael Connor captures the atmosphere well.

“The sting in the articles is complex,” said Merkel. It seems there is a difference between “Welcome to Country” and recognition of traditional owners ceremonies. Andrew Bolt had got them confused, said Merkel, and it appears this is one of the reasons he is on trial.

At one point the Judge asked where in a sentence Bolt had offended. Merkel replied that you have to read all the paragraph to understand it: “everything connects”. He also said, “Every time I read these articles something else pops out of the words.”

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