Andrew Bolt’s trial

“Don’t trust lawyers, Mr Bolt.”

Herman Borenstein, SC, to Andrew Bolt,  30 March, 2011

This trial is sure to create much analysis and discussion once it is finished. A brief report of the case from the trial in Courtroom 1 of Melbourne’s Federal Court that started on Monday has appeared in Quadrant Online.

Before taking questions from the prosecution Bolt requested permission to make a statement about the matters raised in Merkel’s opening which had flooded the newspapers. When Merkel objected that the court was not a forum for making a speech. there were sniggers in the audience. When reference was made to the specific remarks Bolt found objectionable the trial transcript was referred to. Only then was it discovered that neither the defence nor Judge Bromberg had received copies. A 10 minute recess was called while this was rectified. When the case resumed the objectionable matters were referred to and Mr Merkel claimed misrepresentation and that they had been taken out of context. Bolt looked away shaking his head as Mr Merkel said: “This court is the occasion of giving evidence.” Questioned by Mr Young, his own lawyer, Bolt said, “Mr Merkel crossed the line.” The audience found this amusing.

We wish Andrew well.


The case continues …

On Monday, Andrew Bolt had been characterised as having a racist “eugenics approach” by Mr Merkel. The imputation had greatly offended Bolt. Merkel turned again to eugenics and said that he was “Not calling Mr Bolt a member of the eugenics movement.” A week in Courtroom 1 can be a very long time.

At 4.20 the sitting adjourned. The trial continues on Monday.

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