Bolt’s racial vilification trial

Nuremberg trials … eugenics approach … holocaust … “

Andrew Bolt is currently in the Federal Court in Melbourne on an alleged breach of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Ron Merkel QC told the judge, Mordecau Bromberg:

ANDREW Bolt’s writings on Aboriginal identity were akin to an “eugenics approach” that ultimately led to the establishment of the anti-Semitic Nuremburg Laws of 1935. “The Holocaust started with words and ended with violence,”

He said that the case was not about free speech as the Racial Discrimination Act contains a free-speech provision:

“Mr Bolt is entitled to express his opinions as fully and wholesomely as he wishes …

“The question is not a challenge to Mr Bolt’s, we say, flat-earth thinking –– it’s a challenge to what he’s written.”

Merkel put the view that:

“Mr Bolt’s hypothesis is if you don’t look Aboriginal, you’ve got a choice not to be,”


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