Flannery says no change until 3000 AD

Official: Gillard tax won’t change catastrophic warming for 1000 years!

Tim Flannery, the government’s new Climate Commissioner was interviewed by Steve Price and Andrew Bolt on Melbourne radio MTR this morning.

Asked how much Julia Gillard’s tax on carbon dioxide would save our planet, he said it would be so small that we won’t be able to tell for at least 1,000 years.  Even if everyone in the world did what Gillard wants, we still wouldn’t be able to tell for 1,000 years.

Clearly, he is thus conceeding that all this urgent action needed to stop catastrophic flooding, drought, huricanes — whatever — right now, is totally futile, and certainly not urgent. Forget about tipping points. Either they have already happened, and we will find out in 1000 years, or they haven’t, and we will wait till then anyway.

Our Nostradamus kid of the present millennium is now making a bid for the title in 3000 AD. I think I will go back to Revelations … King James version.

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