The Left’s dreamtime

Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings. For there is none worthy of the name but God, whom heaven, earth and sea obey” King Canut, c. 1030.

What is it about “reality” that the Left cannot deal with. Throughout history, these idealists get “bright ideas” that create unintended consequences which just end in tears, like Mao’s great leap forward and Lysenko’s agricultural reform under Stalin. Here in Australia, I think of Nugget Combs and the separatist movement for Aborigines, resulting in gulags in remote settlements that for the children at least, resembled the grotesque conditions found in the orphanages under the totalitarian Romania of Ceausescu.

Today we see their bold schemes to change the climate and save the world; a risible project, the sort of which King Canute saw through over 1000 years ago.

It is all about being realistic. So what is not realistic about present global warming policies? According to Richard Blandy, if the world is serious about dealing with global warming, we effectively have an impossible task. It is as simple as that.

Global production and consumption will have to be more than 90 per cent decarbonised within 40 years if the plus 2C global target is to be achieved. If Australia were to adopt a target of an 80 per cent cut, assuming that the Australian economy grew at its underlying potential rate of about 3 per cent a year, production and consumption technology in Australia would have to be 95 per cent decarbonised within 40 years.

This is from a man who believes in human induced warming, who believes we need to do something, but acknowledges, unlike most warmists, that it is an impossible task.

In other words, given that there is nothing remotely likely to replace carbon based fuels that could susbsitute for them, if we or the world is serious about the agreed targets, we would have to revert back to some sort of medieval subsistence economy. So called green alternatives are virtually useless. Using windmills, for instance, is not only costly, especially when the wind does not blow, according to some calculations they don’t even save carbon dioxide emissions. Windmills are about as practical as harnessing hundreds of cats to pull a plow.

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