China will equal all world’s emissions by 2030

But, hey !  let’s just pretend

Just to underline the futility of Professor Garnaut’s suggestions for an emissions tax and his white lies about what is happening in China in last night’s Lateline on the ABC, here is a report that makes nonsense of any costly effort Australia makes.

If China’s carbon usage keeps pace with its economic growth, the country’s carbon dioxide emissions will reach 8 gigatons a year by 2030, which is equal to the entire world’s CO2 production today … But the real news is worse: China is completing two new coal plants per week. That power is being used to drive an enormous manufacturing expansion.

This was not discussed last night on Lateline of course, when Tony Jones failed to challenge Ross Garnaut. Also, Jones was clearly not interested in asking by how much Professor Garnaut’s costly scheme would reduce world temperatures.

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