European ETS very costly and totally useless

Listen to the EC’s National Expert on Carbon Markets and Climate Change

I first heard an interview with Jill Duggan, the visiting European Unions National Expert on Carbon Markets and Climate Change on ABC television earlier this week. Confidently telling us how good the European action was and how important it would be for Australia to do something similar, it was frustrating to listen to because, as usual, the ABC never asks the right questions.

Therefore, how utterly delicious it was to hear the very next day, as if in answer to a prayer, Andrew Bolt interviewing this important expert but this time asking exactly the two questions that nobody from our compliant media even thinks of asking Julia Gillard or Wayne Swan.

How much will the scheme cost?

Exactly what effect will it have?

The answers for Europe are one quarter of a trillion dollars per year, and one twentieth of one degree celsius over one hundred years.

In arabic numberals that is $250,000,000 $250,000,000,000/year for 0.05C/100 years but the “expert” didn’t know the answers.

Bolt: … Jill. You see this is what I’m curious about; that you’re in charge of a massive program to re-jig an economy. You don’t know what it costs. And you don’t know what it’ll achieve.

Duggan: Well, I think you can look at lots of modelling which will come up with lots of different costs.

Bolt: Well what’s your modelling? That’s the one that everyone’s quoting. What’s your modelling?

Duggan: Well, ah, ah. Let me talk about what we have done in Europe and what we have seen as the benefits …

Read the full transcript and ask yourself, exactly how does a person like this manage to get passed off with respect as an expert by our ABC. This is truly disgraceful.

2 Responses to “European ETS very costly and totally useless”

  1. EH Lee Says:

    Excellent post about an excellent interview by Bolt.

    But you need to add three more 000’s to you “arabic numberals” of a quarter-trillion: it’s

    $250,000,000,000 not $250,000,000

    My G-d what a number. All for nothing. With number alone, you could create clean water pipes throughout the entire third world. Instead they p*ss it up against the wall on a fantasy. What a moral outrage.

  2. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    Thank EH Lee. Much appreciated. The number with six zeros already looked bad enough. As you say, what a number! In four years that does make $1trillion; or $1,000,000,000,000.

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