Carbon tax destined to be truly charred

All the polls and Sportsbet have so far been completely ignored

On the ABC Insiders this morning, one would have been forgiven for thinking that Julia Gillard’s lie was just a question of semantics and that Tony Abbott is on a hiding to nothing.

Not mentioned by any of the panelists was Mark Textor’s poll conducted over the past 72 hours, sampling 800 voters in the 20 most marginal seats in NSW. Admittedly this is Liberal Party research, but it is suggestive. According to Imre Salusinszky,

more than three-quarters of voters not convinced the measure will do anything to help the environment.

Again, it seems there is a blindness by the left commentariat — the same one that did not predict the demise of Kevin Rudd — to the possible future of Julia Gillard and her climate tax.

This comes on top of an Age internet poll — unreliable but a shock nevertheless — that a couple of weeks ago before Julia’s lie,  nearly 90 per cent of voters were against a carbon tax!

After the Prime Minister’s lie, came Sportsbet, showing a sudden reversal in Gillard’s fortunes, along with a Herald Sun poll with over 85 percent of people not supporting the carbon tax.

The panel today seemed all at sea explaining away the “people’s revolt” that is dividing Australia. They apparently don’t read polls. Even the latest poll from Essential Report, which suggests a massive fall for the ALP over Julia’s lying, was ignored. Perhaps Cassidy and his hop-along-to-the-same-tune panellists should heed The Australian’s Paul Kelly — no longer on Insiders — who specifically warns the media.

First, Gillard is breaking a clear and deliberate election promise. This is not a matter of semantics. There is no grey area here.

Media excuses during the past week suggesting Gillard is not really breaking a promise are craven polemics.

Kelly goes to lengths to examine the problems Gillard has created for herself over the carbon tax and the divide that is fracturing Australian politics. It is clear that the Insider panelists find it difficult to understand the issue at all. They prefer simply to barrack for the ALP. Kelly outlines an insider/outsider dichotomy to provide plausible answers for Australia’s deadlock over climate change.

Above all, it is governed by an insiders-outsiders split that shaped the August 2010 election result. The insiders, usually tertiary educated, are believers in climate change action while the outsiders are either disbelievers or doubters worried about the cost-of-living impact for an improbable dividend.

Above all, Labor is utterly convinced of its moral, policy and intellectual superiority to Abbott on carbon pricing, a belief it thinks will be vindicated yet a belief that alienates Labor from the outsider culture and at least half of Australia’s population.

The “television” Insiders should read Kelly’s article carefully. In the meantime, we can look with anticipation to the Newspoll due this Tuesday.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Emissions – How many days ?

    IF Australia achieves the planned reductions and IF China’s “emission growth reductions” are also achieved …..

    Will China’s annual reduction be replaced by China’s GROWTH (alone) in about 20 days ?

    If so hardly worth the pain & effort … is it ?

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