QandA bias confirmed !

And that’s not counting the panel

If there were any doubt about the bias in the ABC, and more particularly Q&A, it has been scotched. Caroline Overington reports in Media Diary of the interrogation of ABC boss Mark Scott by Eric Abetz at Senate Estimates last week.

The exchange makes for exquisite reading. It appears that in the shows numbered 15 to 40 — for which Senator Abetz had demanded an audit from the ABC — not one of the audiences ever had a majority of Coallition suporters.

Abetz: “I think most Australians would see the Labor-Greens alliance as being one side . . . it just seems strange that on not one single occasion has the Coalition had, even by accident, a majority of the audience. It is always a majority to Labor-Greens.”

The panel is another matter. There are only ever two conservatives facing three left inclined panelists. Malcolm Turnball on global warming issues doesn’t count, nor does Malcolm Fraser on pretty much all issues. With Tony “I ask the questions here” Jones the average becomes four to two.

As I have said here before, the ABC has no shame, and will continue showing its contempt for tax paying Australians until and unless it becomes beholden to its audience and not its own beaureaucy.

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