The ABC and Fairfax must think

What does the Left not understand about bad policy?

Henry Ergas does it again. It is very frustrating that our left wing dominated media and ALP supporting commentators can’t see a bad, destructive policy.

Coming on the heels of Terry McCrann’s scathing critique of the CO2 tax, Ergas examines the four claims that supporters of the Gillard CO2 tax make, and finds that none stand up to scrutiny. He concludes that in “the national interest” — such a blighted Gillard term — it would be hard to think of a more harmful tax.

The four claims

The first is to deny our tax would be unilateral,

In effect, it will be.

The second claim is that even if unilateral action did cause income losses, the creation of green jobs would offset them.

They don’t.

The third claim defenders of the tax make is that by acting now, we increase the prospects of global agreement.

It will have the opposite effect.

Fourth and last, supporters of a unilateral carbon tax claim it will bring certainty.

It won’t, and the government knows it.

In conclusion, Ergas asks the sober and essential question that the press refuses to ask, or perhaps even understand:

The question remains, therefore, why we would act unilaterally, creating costs for so few environmental benefits. To that question, the community still awaits a sensible answer.

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