French 101

Mais non!  Ca se dit pas comme ca !!

The poor old French. Resistant to all things anglo-saxon, their government feels it a sacred duty to control the way the French speak, or the way they engage with anything innovative that lies outside their borders .

Charles Bremner explains:

The government has just decreed that all state employees must use the terms tablette or ardoise (slate) or tablette tactile for what it defines laboriously as as ‘Ordinateur portable et ultraplat, qui se présente comme un écran tactile et qui permet notamment d’accéder à des contenus multimédias.’

The term iPad may only be used for the specific brand, said the General Commission for Terminology and Neology.

This is the body that defines the official French equivalent of the American terms imported mainly from the world of high tech, business and entertainment. Once a substitute has been decreed, state employees can be punished for using the foreign original in the course of their work. That includes broadcasters on the public radio and TV networks…

Most of the linguistic inventions are clunky and long-winded and come over as naff.

Mon dieu. La France est ridicule.

[Thanks to reader Andrew R]

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