Gillard lies

“… hypocrisy, stupidity and deceit rolled into one”

Meet our new government 

There has been a massive, outraged reaction to Julia Gillard’s carbon tax announcement.

Terry McCrann says it all, clearly and concisely.

It sets out to hurt every Australian – to absolutely no point. It can make not the slightest difference to the local climate, far less the global climate.

It purports to cut our emissions of carbon dioxide when we are happily pocketing the billions from selling coal and iron ore to China and the rest of Asia.

Talk about hypocrisy, stupidity and deceit rolled into one.

Putting one hand on heart, Gillard says we have to save the planet by cutting our emissions, while the other hand seeks to grab a bigger share of the profits of the mining companies from helping China double and even triple its emissions.

Tony Abbott is hoping — like the rest of us — that this does not get up.

I don’t think anyone should assume that this tax is going to get up,” he told ABC Radio this morning.

Mr Abbott said a popular movement could stop the carbon tax in the same way a campaign killed the Rudd government’s original mining tax.

“There will be a people’s revolt against this.”

Let us wait for the next polls. Either Gillard gets a boost, or, if the scepticism of the public on climate change is any indication, and if the distrust of the government’s swing to the loony green left bights, it might be her death knell.

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