Gillard lies …. UPDATE

Oopsees !!!

Many thought it was a gamble, but the reaction has been very sudden. Whilst much can change, there is strong reason for hope. This may indeed be Gillard’s death knell.

FURY over Julia Gillard’s carbon tax backflip sees punters shift their money to powerbroker Bill Shorten as likely to lead Labor to the next election.
Punters have also backed the Coalition to win the next federal election as Ms Gillard faced the fallout from the carbon tax.
The Coalition has firmed from $2.20 to $1.67 as favourites to win the 2013 poll, Sportsbet says.
Labor are now $2.20 outsiders to win the election, out from $1.65 when the market opened in September last year.

On the Herald Sun website there was also a vote with over 16,000 participants. :

Do you support a price on carbon?
• Yes14.97% (2422 votes)
• No85.03% (13762 votes)

I know it’s just Herald Sun readers, but, ”Ouch” nevertheless.

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