Glass ceiling truly shattered

A long time coming

It is still a struggle for committed gender feminists to accept a truth staring us in the face. A new study by the the UK Institute of Leadership and Management has declared that the long envied glass ceiling may be all in the mind. Penny de Valk, chief executive of the Institute was surprised at the results that suggests it is a lack of ambition and self-confidence, not overt male sexism that is holding women back from senior management roles.

For many years I have been writing about this issue and it is nice to read a news article that confirms what so many previous studies have shown. I concluded in an article in September 2000, in response to a bogus piece of research on salaries by the Australian Institute of Management, and which elicited the predictable “shocking finding” bleating of organizations like the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency,

Could it not be thought, in present day Australia, that the so called glass ceiling is really a glass mirror? Some women, when looking up, see themselves reflected in it. Equal opportunity and a society free from sex discrimination are obvious, necessary and good things. A dogged belief in equal outcomes is ultimately profoundly reactionary and patronizing.

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