Muslim integration; the key

So simple, so obvious

A piece in Quadrant Online reports The Straits Times quoting Lee Kuan Yew in his new book Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going about the problem of Muslim integration there.

On the question of multiracialism in Singapore, Mr Lee claims that integration of Muslims was going well until the “surge of Islam came”. He pointed out

how his own generation of politicians who worked with him had integrated well, including sitting down and eating together. But now, you go to schools with Malay and Chinese, there’s a halal and non-halal segment and so too, the universities. And they tend to sit separately so as not to be contaminated. All that becomes a social divide…. the result was a “veil” across peoples.

When asked what Muslims in Singapore needed to do to integrate, he replied:

Be less strict on Islamic observances and say ‘Okay, I’ll eat with you.’

Predictably, he has received severe criticism for not bothering about Muslim sensitivities.

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