Gentrification class wars

Just forget the Age good living guides and food reviews …

A very strange piece turned up in the Melbourne Age last Thursday by Marika Dobbin and Adele Horin complaining about the gentrification of Northcote. They seemed to blame the introduction of Pilates and goat’s cheese for ruining the neighbourhood.

This is a beautiful example of the Fairfax mindset; no apparent irony in the staff writer’s elitism and hypocrisy, not to mention  the Age’s copious good living guides and obsession with trendy restaurant reviews for their presumably gentrified readers. In any case, what do Age journalists imagine happened to Carlton, Fitzroy, Brunswick and every other Green voting inner city electorate in the last thirty years? And where do these Fairfax journalists live? Broadmeadows? Sunshine?

These goat cheese eating scribes apparently all moved into the wine bar belt well after the trauma of evicting the poor. It is always better if the evictions take place before you move in as it means that you don’t have to witness the harrowing scenes of the evictees with their belongings piled on the nature strip as they await the removalists.

Will The Age now refuse to take ads for the sale of Northcote properties to avoid the accusation that would be living off the immoral earnings of gentrification?

[Thanks to reader Andrew R]

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