Rudd and Greer think it’s normal

Droughts and flooding rains are very Australian.

I mentioned on the 2nd of December that Australia was a land of drought and flooding rains and reproduced Dorothea Mackellar’s famous poem as evidence of her superior understanding of Australia’s weather patterns to that of the CSIRO’s.

At the heart of the dramatic floods in Brisbane, our Kevin from Queensland also quoted her, perhaps understanding that the water he was wading through had nothing to do with his failure to introduce a carbon tax. Now, Germaine Greer has also displayed some rare evidence of common sense and come to the same conclusion. Maybe CSIRO should have the poem as its motto to guide further research.

Why is it that the warmists keep on insisting that we are witnessing exceptional weather as evidence of their religious beliefs when it is on the record that the floods and droughts in recent years are quite normal and quite predictable? They claim it has something to do with rising CO2 levels. But the amount of tax we all pay has risen with CO2. Maybe if the government reduced those, CO2 levels would fall. After all, what is that the warmists and Greens don’t understand about correlation and causality?

By the way, Lord Monkton has just given a timely and fresh summary of the weather situation and warns about the uselessness of mitigation schemes.

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