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Gillard’s bob each way

January 30, 2011

Droughts I win, floods you loose

In a neat conclusion about the hypocrisy and slippery arguments used by the warmists, Andrew Bolt sums it all up succinctly.

Under the heading, Alarmists have taxed our credulity once too often, he concludes that:

It’s not just the floods but the new taxes that prove the global-warming alarmists have made fools of us.
Consider: the Gillard Government now threatens us with a “carbon tax” to “stop” the warming we were told would give us endless drought, but also a levy to deal with the floods we got instead.

What is so utterly gob-smacking, is that the commentariat at  the ABC still believe that whatever happens, it must be global warming: impervious to evidence … just like the Greens.

Gillard continues to waste our money

January 25, 2011

How to make electricity eight times more expensive

Alan Moran explains how the government is able to convert a $300m sow’s ear that would produce electricity for a cost that is eightfold its value into a silk purse by waving a magic wand four times. By doing this, it is happy to destabilise the commerciality of the electricity supply industry.

He explains that this squandering of taxpayer resources serves to illustrate just how inured we have all become to misused government spending. Looking at the ABC’s reporting of this waste, you would conclude, like most other ABC reports on renewable energy, that it was all good news and positive benefit.

Gentrification class wars

January 22, 2011

Just forget the Age good living guides and food reviews …

A very strange piece turned up in the Melbourne Age last Thursday by Marika Dobbin and Adele Horin complaining about the gentrification of Northcote. They seemed to blame the introduction of Pilates and goat’s cheese for ruining the neighbourhood.

This is a beautiful example of the Fairfax mindset; no apparent irony in the staff writer’s elitism and hypocrisy, not to mention  the Age’s copious good living guides and obsession with trendy restaurant reviews for their presumably gentrified readers. In any case, what do Age journalists imagine happened to Carlton, Fitzroy, Brunswick and every other Green voting inner city electorate in the last thirty years? And where do these Fairfax journalists live? Broadmeadows? Sunshine?

These goat cheese eating scribes apparently all moved into the wine bar belt well after the trauma of evicting the poor. It is always better if the evictions take place before you move in as it means that you don’t have to witness the harrowing scenes of the evictees with their belongings piled on the nature strip as they await the removalists.

Will The Age now refuse to take ads for the sale of Northcote properties to avoid the accusation that would be living off the immoral earnings of gentrification?

[Thanks to reader Andrew R]

Rudd and Greer think it’s normal

January 21, 2011

Droughts and flooding rains are very Australian.

I mentioned on the 2nd of December that Australia was a land of drought and flooding rains and reproduced Dorothea Mackellar’s famous poem as evidence of her superior understanding of Australia’s weather patterns to that of the CSIRO’s.

At the heart of the dramatic floods in Brisbane, our Kevin from Queensland also quoted her, perhaps understanding that the water he was wading through had nothing to do with his failure to introduce a carbon tax. Now, Germaine Greer has also displayed some rare evidence of common sense and come to the same conclusion. Maybe CSIRO should have the poem as its motto to guide further research.

Why is it that the warmists keep on insisting that we are witnessing exceptional weather as evidence of their religious beliefs when it is on the record that the floods and droughts in recent years are quite normal and quite predictable? They claim it has something to do with rising CO2 levels. But the amount of tax we all pay has risen with CO2. Maybe if the government reduced those, CO2 levels would fall. After all, what is that the warmists and Greens don’t understand about correlation and causality?

By the way, Lord Monkton has just given a timely and fresh summary of the weather situation and warns about the uselessness of mitigation schemes.

Happy Christmas in Europe ?

January 18, 2011

It is not allowed

This is sheer madness.

Flagged by the Australian Conservative is the fact that the European Union seems to be going the way of the United States with its “Happy Holiday”. It has just issued three million school diaries with no mention of Christmas or Easter whilst managing to mention the festivities of every other minority group.

This is plain, pointedly silly.


UK Met Office scandal starts?

January 9, 2011

Very expensive dreams taken for reality at our expense

“The trouble is that we simply don’t know how much to trust the Met Office. How often does it get the weather right and wrong. And we don’t know how it compares with other, independent forecasters.”

Roger Harrabin, an environment analyst at the BBC


The scandal following the closing of Heathrow Airport and the consistent failure of the British Met Office to get anywhere near predicting the present catastrophically cold winter in the UK is just starting to heat up.

If the politicians think trouble is ahead, they back the winners, not only has the Met Office predictions of mild winter been wrong three winters in the row, they have been SEEN to be wrong, there was plenty of mainstream press coverage before the harsh winters that other forecaster were predicting a severe winter. Following the last years mild winter prediction by the Met Office, there was even BBC coverage debating whether their very expensive super computer had a ‘warm bias’ which was wildly reported in the mainstream media in the UK

Read this searing account, published in Watts Up With That?

It should be a delight to follow the developments.

ABC Ockham’s Razor propaganda

January 8, 2011

A confusion about science and democracy, again

The ABC Science Department is continuing in its role as the propaganda arm for climate change orthodoxy. In a transparently self-serving  Ockham’s Razor this morning,  Julian Cribb is pleading for more communication from scientists to the general public, to better convince them of the soundness of catastrophic global warming science.

Cribb seems to utterly confuse the role of democracy and the role of science. Like many environmentalists and warminists, he has an alarmingly totalitarian view of the role of science in our society.

As the debate around climate change is now demonstrating, we cannot rely upon democratically elected governments to take the right decisions, from a scientific point of view.

While a substantial part, or even a very vocal part of society doubts, denies or rejects the scientific consensus, politicians will usually seek political safety in inaction.

Unfortunately for science, politics is governed by the rules of political logic, not those of scientific logic.

And the rules of political logic are that if you want to change the mind of a politician, then you must first change the minds of their voters.

This clearly is the sort of approach that fits well with the ABC and Ockham’s Razor presenter Robyn Williams, who commissions and introduces this sort of authoritarian thinking. Williams himself has been responsible for broadcasting ill-judged and misinformed interpretations of climate science by, for instance, absurdly claiming that sea levels could rise by 100 metres this century.

But the biggest irony in Cribb’s presentation, is that he perceives a failure of communication by scientists as a cause of the failure of the public to be convinced on global warming. He claims at the outset:

The need for open science has never been more pressing.

This simply defies common sense. At no time in recent memory has the orthodox view on climate science been more open. Indeed, it is daily heavily promoted, propagandized and disseminated in films, documentaries, electronic and print media, in the very selection of items for news services, through schools, by government scientists and political parties.

However, against this overwhelming evidence, Cribb  manages to select just one scientist — one that has been discredited for some of the most exaggerated claims in the climate science firmament — as an example of how climate scientists are being gagged.

In western society it is not unusual for scientists to be actually gagged – as in the appalling suppression of climate science under the US Bush Administration in the case of NASA’s Dr Jim Hansen…

Cribb also ignores the role of Climategate in discrediting the East Anglia Climate Research Unit, the IPCC and others. Shouldn’t he also factor in the catastrophic failure of the British Met Office  — currently fighting a scandal concerning its total incompetence in predicting the current cold winter in Europe — our own CSIRO, or the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for failing to provide forecasts — before it became obvious — of our damaging floods, or to manage to get even simple seasonal weather forecasts remotely accurate. He believes our scientists [presumably the warminists],

employed on the public payroll [are] being ordered to keep their mouths shut about some important discovery, insight or expert opinion …

I wonder if he has bothered to read The Climate Caper by Garth Paltridge, a retired Australian atmospheric physicist, where he sets out just which mouths are being ordered shut.

Julian Cribb urges,

… that science become more open and more democratic in its approach.

Science, and more especially climate science, has nothing to do with democracy. This notion, with its implication for scientific activism, has been the ruin of climate science over the last two decades and shows that Julian Cribb and the ABC Science Department understand little about the meaning of ‘disinterested’ science.

Dam stupidity

January 6, 2011

And a simple solution …

The Mitchell River, showing Melbourne’s drinking water  being wasted

It is the right time to plan to do something meaningful about Australia’s water policy with regard to dams. Tony Abbott has announced a plan to build dams around the country to help control floods, boost food security, and perhaps even supply capital cities with water.

Following this announcement, Andrew Bolt points out that, except for one dam recently constructed in south-east Queensland, there have been no new dams constructed in Australia for a capital city since 1984. He lists all the planned dams knocked back since that date and the wasteful construction of desal plants because of green madness and runaway belief in permanent climate change.

2011 Starts Well

January 2, 2011

A good omen for the New Year

As I observed in late November, the Greens are increasingly getting it in the neck. To start the year off,  the summer edition of Quadrant has published an outstanding article by Kevin Andrews  looking carefully at Green policies in some detail.

Until now, not much has been published in a systematic manner on the Greens many policy positions. This is a good start.

Despite the emphasis on the environment, “the Greens are not a single issue party”. [They]  are part of a worldwide movement that is actively engaged in the political process. As their writings state, this objective involves a radical transformation of the culture that underpins Western civilisation …

… at stake is the economic system that has resulted in the creation of wealth and prosperity for the most people in human history.

To round the New Year celebrations off, just this morning The Australian published a deliciously wry piece by the columnist David Burchell, summing up Green policies as a morality play between prudes and coquettes.

The prude pretends to a purity they do not and cannot really possess, while the coquette promises delights they are not really prepared to deliver. Each practises the same self-conceit, albeit in equal and opposite measure.

I feel this year is off to a good start.