From Nopenhagen to Yes We Cancun

The IPCC and Perma-socialism

A very amusing communication from Christopher Monkton has appeared on What’s Up with That, documenting the stupidity and waste that is the UN Climate Change Conference.

Instead, the Martini Marxists dancing the night away doing the Cancun Can-Can with the 25 pneumatic bunny girls in the newly-opened Playboy Casino on the ocean-front strip in Cancun have decided to copy the bureaucrats of the European Union, whose crafty, crabwise coup d’etat over the last three or four decades has transferred all real political power, little by little, treaty by treaty, to the dismal dictatorship of Brussels.

Read on about how the “enviro zombs’” plan to destroy democracy world wide. If these buggers get purchase, it will be quite depressing, really.

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