Prince Charles wind farm rip-off

A right royal vested interest 

As we know, Prince Charles is a greenie, wants renewable energy, but has claimed that wind farms are a “horrendous blot on the landscape”. He refuses of course to have them anywhere on his own estates , either at Highgrove or on his Dutchy of Cornwall estate. All well and good, and noble.

However, according to a piece in the Mail On Sunday yesterday, the Royal Family has sewn up a lucrative deal worth tens of millions of pounds for wind farms out to sea. How does he do it? Simple. It is because the seabed within Britain’s territorial waters is owned by the Crown Estate!!

The Crown Estate said profits from windfarms in Britain’s territorial waters — which extend almost 14 miles from the coast — could rise to £100  million a year, giving the Royals £15 million.

But industry experts said this was an under- estimate and that the true figure was likely to be nearer £250 million by 2020, with £37.5 million for the Royals.

In what one source described last night as a ‘masterstroke’ by the Prince’s closest adviser Sir Michael Peat, 250 years of history was overturned by scrapping the arrangement under which taxpayers’ money has been used to fund the Royals and pay for the upkeep of their palaces.

Sir Michael, 60, Charles’s Principal Private Secretary, is the former Keeper of the Privy Purse at Buckingham Palace.

‘There is nothing Michael does not know about Royal finances,’ said a source. ‘His depth of knowledge will have been invaluable. Charles has always believed the money from the Crown Estate was taken away from the family. Now they have got it back. One could say they have pulled a fast one.’

Read all about it at the Mail on Sunday.

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