An ALP caveat emptor

Off the cuff? How can we trust her? 

Andrew Bolt gives us a brilliant summary of the ALPs record in government and whether they deserve another go. He notes the calculated dishonesty concerning Julia Gillard’s off the cuff, “look, no notes” launch speech that clearly involved a deliberate deceit by her and her advisers, and which even involved Bob Hawke.  Bolt then gives us a very Australian analogy about whether we should trust them again:

Say you’re about to hire someone to do a big job. What is one of the very first things you’d want to see from them?

It’s a resume, right? A list of things they’ve done. With references, too, so you can judge if those things were done well.

And if the person applying for a job admits that at the last place they burned down the house, built a new one at twice the price, blew the budget and made a string of mad promises they couldn’t keep, what would you do?

Trust their new big promise to now wire up your house with expensive new electronics, or figure that almost anyone else would be a safer bet?

Read the list. It is pretty compelling.

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