More billions for green fantasies

Evidence based policy. Are you kidding?

Here is more about the billions about to be wasted on yet another badly thought out green scheme that I flagged in this blog last month, but of course, Penny Wong thinks it is great.

According to Monica Oliphant, adjunct associate professor at the University of South Australia and one of the country’s top scientists on household energy efficiency and renewable energy, the only thing that really counts for measuring the energy efficiency of a house is, err, the use of energy.

Professor Oliphant has concluded that, whilst seeming elementary,

the most accurate measurement of the energy efficiency of the home and its household should be the bill from the electricity company.

Her concern is that the strategy has “leaped ahead of evidence” and that the star ratings for houses are largely meaningless theoretical calculation and do not take into account behaviour of the occupants.

The University of Adelaide’s associate professor Terry Williamson, puts it more bluntly:

“Can we please just have some evidence-based policy? The only data in Australia in this area relates to a study of 40 houses and it shows absolutely no correlation between the energy star ratings and the actual energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The policies and the department are just all over the place. It is a tale of mismanagement.”

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