More money down a green drain

Billions lost for a green cause

This looks suspiciously like another home insulation disaster. Let us see how this gets attention.

The errors, which are known to the CSIRO and the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, make it likely that builders, designers and those looking to build a house are making wrong decisions, a leading scientist in energy efficiency told The Australian.

Professor Williamson said the issue posed serious financial consequences as the combined cost of building homes to the energy efficiency required by the software was more than $6 billion a year. He said Energy Efficiency Minister Penny Wong and the Gillard government should withdraw the software from use pending further investigation.

Yet again, the real cost to our economy of carbon mitigation is never properly understood. The  ABC’s Q&A just last night was a glaring example of how both politicians and the public have no idea of the cost of their green dream.



Gillard’s Cash for Clunkers scheme

As I was saying, there is no limit to the waste of money in pursuing the green dream. The latest Gillard scheme, the “cash for clunkers” $2000 freebee, to change a pre-1995 car for a new one, has been calculated to cost $394 per tonne of emissions abated, compared to the anticipated $20 for the failed national emmissions trading scheme.

Even the Melbourne Age has published a critical analysis of this foolish policy, quoting the ultra green British journalist George Monbiot on a similar scheme in his country; “you’d get almost as much value for money by reclassifying £10 notes as biomass and burning them in power stations”.

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