ABC spruiks carbon tax

One eyed Fran does it again

Fran Kelly was at it again this morning, spruiking global warming, carbon taxes and encouraging the Gillard government to take tough action, in spite of acknowledging that this “has already played a major role in the political downfall of two prime ministers, John Howard and Kevin Rudd, and two opposition leaders, Brendan Nelson and Malcolm Turnbull”.

So, to discuss the urgency of introducing something—anything—to stop global warming, Fran invited the “economist” Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australia Institute onto the programme. Dr Denniss comes with good credentials. Not flagged in the introduction by Fran, is the fact that he is an activist [on the good side], that he has worked as Strategy Adviser to the Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Bob Brown and as Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Australian Democrats, Senator Natasha Stott Despoja. To top it off, Dr Denniss is also the co-author of the best selling Affluenza with Dr Clive Hamilton [another darling of the ABC]. But, being ABC listeners, I presume we were supposed to know these things already.

Fran raised the issue of the Prime Minister’s Citizens Assembly. Her worry of course  is that it might come up with the wrong answer. But, how can that be, when the whole idea of such an Assembly is precisely to get the answer you wanted in the first place? It has been done before.

Dr Denniss found this an appalling policy, “a new excuse” to do nothing. It was time, he said …  “to move forward”. Ouch! He reminded us that in 2007 “the overwhelming majority of the population wanted action on climate change”. To her credit, Fran tried to explain to him that this had changed since then because of Copenhagen amongst others things. Presumably, Dr Denniss hasn’t read the recent Gallaxy poll that shows that two-thirds of Australians now doubt the scientific consensus on global warming and that they  are no longer confident they’re hearing all the facts.

Nevertheless, Dr Denniss called for a stop to “building coal fired power stations”. Recall that he was introduced to the programme as an economist. “It’s her [Gillard’s] job to tell people that they have to take it on the chin, and we have to move forward with her. It’s what the vaste majority of the population want”!!

Fran should invite Professor Bob Carter onto the programme to restore some balance and explain a few facts about the present situation on global warming. Professor Carter is certainly the most articulate and informed scientist in Australia to provide an alternative view, but unfortunately he has been effectively banned from the ABC.

We know that Fran would never want to break the picket-line however. Nor is she in the least interested in genuine balance.

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  1. JeffM Says:

    Does anyone wonder why government never tells us by how many degrees its plans and policies, best case, will reduce global temperatures?

    Does anyone believe that charging extra for the “privilege” of using carbon fuels will stop us from burning carbon fuels and thus save humanity from manmade climate Armageddon?

    Does anyone ever wonder what would happen to the trading value of a carbon derivative if someone discovered a full-time alternative energy source that could replace carbon fuels?

    Does anyone wonder how big the carbon trading business could become and how much government tax revenues it might generate?

    Does anyone STILL wonder why government hasn’t funded the R&D to find an energy source to replace carbon fuels?

    Does anyone STILL wonder why government wants the people to believe its manmade climate change hype?

    Does anyone STILL believe that manmade climate change is for real?

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