Children denied work

Julia’s Fair Work not fair

It looks like Julia’s IR legislation is still going to raise even more eyebrows going into the election. Fair Work Australia vice-president Graeme Watson has rejected the right of some Victorian school students to work one and a half hour shifts at a local Kerang co-operative.

Unless, of course, Julia clears yet more deck space against silly, damaging obstacles that discourage young people from working. Simon Crean says he is going to look at the problem in “the days ahead”.

A LEGAL challenge by two Victorian country town teenagers to keep their jobs has been rejected by the industrial umpire.

The decision was bitterly received in Terang, about 210km southwest of Melbourne.

The co-operative is the town’s largest employer, and the townspeople had rallied behind the two affected students, who have been unable to find weekday jobs elsewhere.

A petition of 1650 signatures demanded changes to the award.

“Everyone was just so cut when it happened,” a disappointed Leticia said yesterday. “I think it is pretty stupid.

“I can’t really get my head around the fact they won’t let us work.


That’s one unresolved problem on the IR front.  Another has been reported this morning on the escalating costs of coastal shipping due to Labors’ work place policy.

JULIA Gillard faces demands to wind back the Fair Work Act for businesses reeling from an explosion in shipping costs.

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