Rudd for Foreign Minister ??

Please …. No !!

Apparently, our ex-Prime Minster, Kevin Rudd has been telling journalists he’s determined to be Minister for Foreign Affairs after the election. In a previous post I raised his strange ambition to have an important role in a future Labor government. Wasn’t he dumped because he was bad and damaging for Labor, and he was loathed? Still, he is Kevin from Queensland, and wants to help.

Andrew Bolt this morning was right on the money about this problem and thinks the whole idea bad. He goes directly to Rudd’s personality and focuses on what I believe became crystal clear in his teary departure speech at his last press conference in Parliament House.

Another sign that he should not be. He is curiously unable to read the rules of human interaction, and, by extension, of political interaction. I doubt a single Cabinet minister would welcome back to their inner sanctum a man with such an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and such a disordered sense of his place in not just Labor but the universe.

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