Solar power furphy

Lessons for Greens in Vietnam

In a visit last week to the bustling, vibrant go-ahead Saigon I came across an interesting news item in Viet Nam News, the national English language daily. Le Tuan Phong, deputy head of the ministry’s Department of Energy estimates that the average price for producing a kWh of solar electricity was about six or seven times higher than hydro-power or thermo-power.

In particular, it requires a huge, almost unaffordable initial investment. According to Mai Thanh Hai, head of the sales department of Red Sun Energy Company, the average cost for installing solar energy equipment for a household is between five to nine times the annual GDP per capita. And then, the power produced was only enough for basic necessities for six hours a day.

I wonder if the the communist government of Vietnam understands more about the economics of solar power than does the Green Gold Rush project announced by ACTU President, Sharan Burrow and Australian Conservation Foundation executive director Don Henry, mentioned in an earlier post.

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  1. Rob Says:

    Andrew, nice to see you’re back. I’m currently trying to persuade a very close and loved relative that solar is NOT the way for her to be going.

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