Wind farms evil: blood diamonds better

“I’d rather my wife made land mines”

Many have commented on the economic stupidity of wind farms. I had a post just recently about the Green Gold Rush announced by ACTU President, Sharan Burrow and Australian Conservation Foundation executive director Don Henry.

James Delingpole of the UK Telegraph sums up in strong terms what he thinks of wind farms and how the wife of Britain’s deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is to take a lucrative job in this vibrant, go-ahead industry. He says he would rather his own wife make land mines.

If there’s an industry in the world that deserves to be stigmatised more than any other, it’s the despicable, reprehensible, money-grubbing, mendacious, taxpayer-fleecing, bird-mangling, landscape-ruining, economy-blighting wind farm business. At least you could argue that blood diamonds make nice jewellery and that land mine manufacturers are making a valuable contribution to infantry defence. But wind farms are not merely worthless but actively evil – and anyone involved in them deserves to be as pilloried and despised as estate agents were in the Eighties or bankers are now.

If you are not sure about the unmitigated evils of wind powered electricity generation then read on.

[Thanks to reader Stone the Crows]

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