Warming scientists alarmed and desperate

Dr Cathy Foley’s folly

Since 1989 the US government has given around $80 billion dollars to the climate change industry. Who knows how much has been wasted by the United Nations. Hundreds of millions of tax payer money has been spent here in Australia. The money spent by sceptics pales  into insignificance against this onslaught. Nevertheless, Dr Cathy Foley, the president of the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies, is convinced that it is a well funded climate sceptics movement that has increasingly captured the public’s attention: ”We are concerned the debate around climate change has become a left-wing versus right-wing debate, or a kind of religious argument, when it should really be about the strength of the scientific evidence.”

So what does Dr Foley do? Fearful of losing hearts and minds over global warming, she is organizing a conference with yet more funding to increase the politicisation and campaigning. Forget the science.

REPRESENTATIVES of scientific organisations, including the CSIRO and the Bureau Of Meteorology, will meet today to discuss better communication of the science behind man-made climate change as the political and public consensus on global warming crumbles.

The conference in Sydney, organised by the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies, is part of a long-term effort to develop a ”national communication charter” for major scientific organisations and universities to better disseminate the evidence for climate change …

Dr Foley is correct to be concerned about a growing scepticism of and apathy towards climate change in Australia.

A Lowy Institute poll showed that the number of Australians who wanted action on climate change immediately had dropped from 68 per cent in 2006 to 46 per cent this year …

But there seems to be little insight by scientists as to why this has happened. Self awareness is not their strong point.  Andrew Bolt provides us with a delicious object lesson in why this may be so with Australia’s “Alarmist of the Year”, Tim Flannery.

There is also a failure to understand why China “rat fucked” — ipse dixit Prime Minister Kevin Rudd — the good guys at Copenhagen, or why the Left media discounted and refused to deal with the scandals coming out of Climategate.

The response from Dr Foley and from Mr Rudd’s government when losing the debate is to spend more money.

The government – which has postponed its emissions trading scheme until at least 2013 – committed $30 million for a ”national campaign to educate the community on climate change, including on climate change science, in the budget last month.

2 Responses to “Warming scientists alarmed and desperate”

  1. Alan Simpson Says:

    Let’s hope they can, ” suck it up”, at their conference.

    I assume the only people who attend are there for the food.

    At times you just want to weep, the good thing about stupidity is that isn’t contagious. Small crumb of comfort there.

  2. Charles Says:

    Having worked alongside public scientists for nearly 30 years, every word of this article has a note of pure authenticity.

    Most of these scientists do not understand very much outside their own very narrow fields of expertise, which is why they do get into diabolical trouble trying to link larger things into their little part, when they have no understanding whatsoever of what these external influences are, or how they relate to their little portion.

    Like the above commenter, I hope the sandwiches were good, as it is possible that the catering might be the highlight of the day.

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