Rudd and Flannery on Copenhagen

Two spin meisters go head to head

In The Age this weekend from Tim Flannery on one of the positive things that came out of Copenhagen:

Under the Copenhagen Accord, China has committed to reduce the intensity of its greenhouse gas emissions (that is, the emissions per unit of production) by 40 to 45 per cent by 2020 …

If China delivers on its Copenhagen promise, it will have opened the way to stabilising the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gas at below the ”dangerous” threshold of 450 parts per million carbon dioxide. But to do that, the developed nations would need to realise ambitious emissions reductions as well. And that’s where the trouble lies. One of the things that Copenhagen did not change is that the US, Canada and Australia remain the three standout laggards.

In The Australian, the same weekend on the Prime Minister’s attempts to broker a deal on climate change at last year’s UN talks in Copenhagen:

“Those Chinese f . . kers are trying to rat-f . . k us,” Rudd told journalists and political aides, according to Marr.

“Was a deal still possible?” asked one of the Australians.

“Depends on whether those rat-f . . king Chinese want to f . . k us,” Rudd replied.

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