Inconvenient truths on refugees

Prime Minister admits queue Jumpers

Mr Rudd named three big challenges for Labor: selling the mining tax, climate change and the debate over asylum-seeker policy. He later told a news conference:

The government had ”a fair, balanced, humane, tough border-control immigration policy”. About 13,000 refugees came each year, as in John Howard’s time, he said. ”What varies from year to year is whether they come by boat, whether they actually arrive by plane or whether they are processed out of various refugee camps around the world – but the overall number is about the same,” he said.

What he is effectively saying is that the “boat arrivals” are queue jumpers. They are not in addition to the other refugees that we take, for example, from UN refugee camps, and therefore the numbers we take from these camps are reduced by the “self selected” refugees who arrive via people smugglers.

This is undeniably the case. Rudd has said so but has not admitted the unpalatable part of the truth.

[Thanks to reader Stone the Crows]

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