Ground breaking television

Hearing is believing. A new sensation on the ABC

I don’t know if I should appologise to Tony Jones. After accusing him of having a biased show just yesterday, in the selection of both the  panel and audience, I listened last night to Maxime McKew being jeered and ridiculed by the studio audience. In addition, any mention of Kevin Rudd’s inadequacies was met either with laughter or very enthusiastic applause. This was ground breaking television, and certainly never heard before on QandA.

My conclusion is that either the audience was chosen, just for once, to largely reflected Autralian opinion — in which case their reactions are unsurprising — or, if indeed it were the usual QandA, ABC-branch-stacked audience, then one can only conclude that Kevin Rudd is really, really in deep trouble. One can hope it were the latter, in which case, I am really so sorry, Mr Jones.

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  1. Leon Bertrand Says:

    Interestingly, it seems even many rusted on Labor voters can’t stand Rudd and plan to vote for anyone but Labor. Observe for instance Michael Costa’s recent comments about what he is observing among voters.

    In his bid to please everyone, Rudd is finding he has alienated almost everyone.

  2. PG Says:

    Cory Bernardi handled himself with dignity in the face of onslaughts from those harridan women. What have women come to?!

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