ABC continues warming scare

Waste of ABC air time

Fran Kelly sounded confused, uncomprehending and disappointed in an interview this morning with scientist John Lyman from the Joint Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research at Hawaii University. Her idea to continue with more global warming alarmism sort of back-fired. She chose what in the trade one calls “bad talent”.

The scientist illustrated just how bad ocean warming was by telling Fran that it equalled 500 one hundred watt light bulbs burning for 16 years for every human on Earth, gasp! or equal to 2 billion Hiroshima bombs tsk,tsk!

When asked about the implications, Lyman feebly replied that that was not his forte.

I seem to remember that ocean warming goes in cycles of well over a hundred years. So what this present warming has to do with anthropogenic warming is anyone’s guess. Clearly, there is nothing we can do about it today. But, for the ABC, whatever…

2 Responses to “ABC continues warming scare”

  1. C. Paul Barreira Says:

    As I have remarked hither and thither just abolish the whole rotten edifice of the ABC. It shills for the Labor Party or yet more progressive causes, despises the individual who displays the least tendency to self-reliance let alone nonconformity, ignores Christophobia across the globe all the while encouraging totalitarian instincts.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Fran Kelly ALWAYS sounds confused and uncomprehending.

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