Backflip on ETS explained

Not to be confused with a spin

The Australian editorial today cuts to the essence of the importance of Rudd’s backflip on the ETS. Many have commented on his lines about moral challenges, his backflip after Copenhagen and his now correct reading of the changes in the chook entrails of voters feelings. The essence of the fury surrounding his backflip is explicit:

Like business groups, however, we argued against rushing the passage of legislation before the Copenhagen summit. In light of the Minerals Council of Australia’s projections that even a 5 per cent cut in emissions would have cost 23,500 jobs by 2020, it was wise to proceed cautiously. Nor was it clear, before Copenhagen, what action the world’s major greenhouse emitters, China, the US and India, would take. And it is still not clear, despite Mr Rudd’s tireless efforts to secure a deal over three arduous days and nights of negotiations at the summit.

By blocking the ETS, the opposition prevented Mr Rudd from taking Australia out on a limb, recklessly exposing the nation to economic risk when an international deal on carbon was nowhere on the horizon and we contribute 1.5 per cent of world emissions. Mr Rudd should be thanking Tony Abbott’s opposition and voices like ours that urged caution.

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  1. Lawrie Ayres Says:

    Yes and the climategate release helped many change from slightly sceptical to full blown opponents of AGW. There is little point controlling CO2 emissions if such control has no effect on climate change. Far better to husband resources to adapt to CC as the various symptoms become apparent. As an old farmer having seen both good and poor seasons I know we can adapt. If there is less rainfall wouldn’t it make sense to harvest more when it does fall. The recent good rains in central QLD largely flowed away to be evaporated in shallow swamps and lakes. The enviromentalists have the major parties scared to build dams or weirs but offer no practical alternative solutions to our water shortages.

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