No wonder the English are cynical

Plus ca change …

A good explanation for the jaded feelings towards politicians being reported from the UK is neatly summed up in a pithy piece by Rod Liddle in the latest Spectator. Liddle takes a bet that many of the things that anger and infuriate people in England will not change. Policy inertia is something we are familiar with in Australia of course, and many of these observations apply to Australia. Here are some highlights:

Money spent on public sector management consultants will easily exceed the amount spent on our new nuclear weapons system.

In our schools: Black History Month; Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered History Month.

Islamist asylum seekers who want to put anthrax in our morning coffee, or who have already committed violent crimes, will not be deported.

Large-scale immigration will continue.

Teachers will continue to be prosecuted when having attempted to instil discipline in violent and abusive pupils.

Your local council will waste millions of pounds of your money on fatuous ‘outreach’ posts.

Despite the coldest year in the world since the Hellespont froze over, the government will concur with climate change lobbyists that we are facing an apocalypse. It will do so through cowardice and ignorance.

People who have lived for their entire lives in a locality will be beaten to the front of the queue for social housing by immigrants who arrived last week, illegally.

Deranged health fascists will continue to tell parents what they can and can’t put in their children’s lunchboxes.

We will continue to give billions of pounds in overseas aid to such cash-strapped, struggling, weak and powerless countries as, er, China.

Violent little scrotes who stab you in the neck while relieving you of your wallet will be allowed out on parole to stab your wife or best friend or great aunt in the neck during a similar operation.

If you punch the violent little scrote before he has a chance to stab you, you will be charged and end up in prison.

You can get the drift. Have a look. There is delightful humour in the detail.

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