Global warmining is really cool

Hysteria is abating in Australia

According to a new Galaxy survey for the Institute of Public Affairs, two-thirds of Australians now doubt the scientific consensus on global warming. This is very reassuring news.

“These figures reveal that Australians are no longer confident they’re hearing all the facts about climate change,” said John Roskam, Executive Director of free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

The poll surveyed 1000 respondents across Australia from 30 April – 2 May 2010 about their attitude to global warming:

35% of Australians believe that “The world is warming and man’s emissions are to blame.”

26% of Australians believe that “The variation in global temperature is just part of the natural cycle of nature.”

The largest group, 38% of Australians agreed with the statement that “There is conflicting evidence and I’m not sure what the truth is.”

“Since the Climategate scandals, fewer people have been willing to accept the ‘consensus’ on climate change.

“With public opinion like this, it is little wonder that Mr Rudd has shelved the ETS until 2013”, Mr Roskam said.

4 Responses to “Global warmining is really cool”

  1. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    My understanding Drewfus is that “man’s emissions are to blame” is not correct. Go to JoNova [link on my homepage].
    It appears that some small effect is had from increased CO2, but nothing like whatever else is causing it. That is why the IPCC models have been so dismally wrong about recent cooling. It is true that there has been significant heating since the little ice age, so clearly it is not from industrial emissions. Further, many scientists claim that the link between CO2 increase and warming is precisely what has not been proved scientifically.

  2. Drewfus Says:

    What makes you think i disagree?

    Man is causing warming – a tiny bit. So specifically the quote about man being to blame is correct. Half a degree is still “something”. Of course the intention of whoever wrote the options was probably something a lot different, but that’s an interpretation issue, not a scientific one.

    Obviously nothing much is going to be done about a half to one degree increase in warming, therefore the accelerating warming models will be pushed as hard as possible by all interested parties.

    However, if the public comes to realize that there are two broad categories of models – positive and negative feedback models, then the debate changes. For a start, the sceptics can no longer be derided as being unscientific when they are simply backing alternative models with good empirical support.

  3. Holli Arildsen Says:

    I like the Ice Age movies, super animation.

  4. Erick Monrreal Says:

    Hello, I also like the Madagaskar movies, great movie!

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