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Like Rudd, Sarkozy trips on Carbon Taxes

I wonder if Mr Rudd’s minders have tapped him politely on the shoulder to tell him to take a look.

Sarkozy once said that a carbon tax was as important as decolonisation and the repeal of the death penalty. It reminds me of Mr Rudd’s absurd claim that an ETS was the “the biggest moral imperative of our time”.  Can you spot other similarities.

France has backed down from a plan to tax carbon dioxide emissions that had been a central plank of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s push for a more prominent role in the global fight against climate change.

The decision to back down on a headline reform that Mr Sarkozy had once compared to decolonisation and the repeal of the death penalty comes two days after the President’s UMP party suffered a stinging defeat in regional elections.

Among the French, surveys show about two-thirds of people opposed the measure.

France’s business lobby applauded the government’s withdrawal of the plan.

He also quietly dropped any mention of his previous July deadline.

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